The steldSSP – digital advertising platform, traditional ad serving and header bidding solution

fmxSSP worldwide reach
Worldwide Reach
Every specific supply meets its demand. Access to live media inventory via a vast range of our supply partners all over the world with steldSSP.
Automated Yield Optimization
Automated Yield Optimization
Our constantly evolving programmatic algorithm provides our publishers with stable monthly income. Our demand partners get auctioned price reflecting real inventory value. Latest OpenRTB and dynamic Native API revision used.
fmxSSP safety
Data safety, inventory quality checks and secure automatic synchronization with major DSPs and media buying companies to ensure fill rates of 30% and up.

steldSSP: the Real Time Bidding yield optimization platform for a blog or website monetization

Following the latest technology standards
Programmatic buying and selling of ad inventory goes through real-time auctions built on latest IAB OpenRTB and Native API specifications.
Constant demand
Millions of ad impressions are pitching out to potential media buyers and demand side platforms 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
Transparent results
Reports are available online with default detailization by date, geo, size and device type. Need to go deeper? Let your account manager know – we'll help.
Easy to set up and use
Simple and straightforward three-step path from sign-up to getting first revenue from your traffic monetization.
What is RTB